Hydrate your Skin from the Inside Out

3 ways to hydrate your skin. How to truly hydrate your skin. Hydrate your skin and body from the inside out for optimal health and beautiful skin.

Glass of Water in a Wine Glass in front of a Vase of Flowers

Hydrating your skin from the inside is so important! To truly have beautiful skin you need to be healthy inside and out. You can apply all the wonder creams, serums and essences in the world but honestly (and I know you've all heard it before) but it is essential to be drinking 2 litres of water every day.

Your skin really will thank you for it and I've really found it makes such a difference to how my skin looks and feels. Having said that it can be quite hard to consume 2 litres of water a day if you don't take note of how much you are drinking.

Top Tip no. 1

Start early in the morning with drinking your water. A great cleansing way to start the day and also if you start nice and early you are much more likely to get 2 litres of water down you and also avoid waking up in the middle of the night if you know what I mean!

Top Tip no. 2

Despite me having a lovely picture of the Gin glass filled with icy water, I find it much easier to drink two litres of water a day if the water is the temperature of a cup of tea. This is also much better for you as well as your body doesn't have to then use up energy warming up the water inside of you.

Other benefits of drinking warm water are it helps your body eliminate toxins so it is great to start your day with a warm water.

Drinking warm water will also help your digestion and also blood circulation which in turn will help deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your skin, your skin will be thanking you and glowing away with nutrients in no time!

Top Tip no. 3

Evening time is upon you and you're probably fancying a glass of wine, so (although I don't want to contradict myself) try putting your water in your favourite wine or gin glass fill with ice and it feels a little like you are having a nice drink rather than just a dull glass of water. Remember this dull glass of water will be doing everything to help your skin look anything but dull!

I hope I have inspired you to drink all of the water and maybe try it warm too! You might find you quickly get used to it and find it almost (I repeat ALMOST) like a warming cup of tea!

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