10 Tips on How to Keep a Clean and Tidy Home

How to keep a clean and tidy home is one of those things that should be so easy, however life just gets in the way and all of a sudden you have a huge task ahead of you that seems like mission impossible. Where to even start, can seem overwhelming, so you sit down and enjoy a cup of tea instead. Although I do find trying to chill out amongst a heap of mess and untidiness isn't as relaxing as you want it to be. My mind is so much calmer and clearer when my home is clean and tidy.

Do you wish that your home could just be a calm serene haven where you can relax without feeling like you are constantly in a mess. Below I have listed 10 Tips to keep a clean and tidy home most of the time.
Inspiration for a clean and tidy home

Tip no. 1

So first things first, you will need to put in a bit of effort to get this off to a good start. Clear out your cupboards and wardrobes Marie Kondo style. If you are unsure who Marie Kondo is take a look on YouTube. Clear out everything that you don't absolutely love or need. If you feel unable to throw items away, create a pile and if you have an extra space like a loft, store this items away there. If you don't have a loft then put the items in a cupboard / area that you don't look in daily, weekly or even monthly. Ideally only keep essential and loved items so that you have space to store your items in a tidy manner.

Baskets, boxes and storage dividers help to keep items in order, this includes in the kitchen cupboards, fridge, wardrobes and bathroom cupboards.

For storing underwear this Storage Box Set does a fantastic job and fits into your drawers which keeps everything in order.

A plastic tray with segments in for the bathroom is ideal so you can store bottles neatly and wipe out easily too from any spillages

For the kitchen cupboard I use plastic boxes to store similar items like vitamins, medicine etc. Also these Glass Storage Jars with Cork Lids and Chalk  Labels are great and I need to get my hands on them as soon as possible for items like pasta, porridge oats, nuts and seeds. Sometimes items like these are sold in awkward packaging that spills all over your cupboards. By having a few of these jars, you can store your food tidily, find it easily and it doesn't make a horrible mess that you have to constantly clean out in your cupboards.

The reason that this will help keep a clean and tidy home leads us onto Tip no. 2

Tip No. 2

Everything must have a home. If you have nice clean tidy cupboards there will hopefully be space to put the things on the side away that we tend to leave out. This makes life easier as if everything has a home, you know where to find things you use regularly. You can easily put things away quickly, rather than let it sit on the side because actually you don't know where to tidy it away to. You will find that your surfaces are clear and tidy which in turn makes your home easy to clean.

Before and after photos of a clean house

Tip No. 3

Laundry. Get rid of your laundry basket that sits on the floor. You have to move this to clean beneath it, a complete pain. Get yourself 3 laundry bags. One for dark colours, one for whites and one for light colours. This way when you do your washing you don't have to sort through the washing separating colours, plus you don't have washing all over the floor whilst waiting for the first wash to finish.

Tip No. 4

If you do have children, you absolutely need a box, cupboard, some sort of storage box to clear everything away at the end of the day. This really makes you feel like you're having a break at the end of the day if you can't see toys strewn across the floor.

Tip No. 4

Ensure you have a box file or Ring Binder for paperwork. I would deal with the paperwork as quickly as possible and if you must keep the paperwork, file it away straight away so you don't have it sitting on the kitchen surface or mantle piece for a month or longer.

Tip No. 5

A bits box and pencil case. Everyone has random bits that you don't know where to keep or what to do with. Get yourself a Bits Box and keep tape measures, batteries, torches etc in here. A pencil case is also essential so you don't have loads of loose pens and pencils rolling around your drawers or cupboards.

Tip No. 5

Wardrobes and Drawers.

For small items like undies, invest in one of those material separators that fit into your drawers to keep everything tidy and organised. Use the Marie Kondo technique to keep your clothes down to a minimum and organised. The Marie Kondo folding technique is fantastic as you can see everything and access it easily without messing up the whole drawer.

Tip No. 6

The Fridge

 This is a super tip if I say so myself. Biscuits and chocolates are sold in packaging that once you open them, they can easily spill all over your fridge, scattering crumbs and mess in your cupboards. My suggestion is to get yourself some tuppaware to keep biscuits and chocolates fresh and contained in your fridge.  Get a few of these for other food items that you find do not behave themselves in your fridge.

Cleaning Schedule Tips

Tip No. 7

Straight after you've showered in the morning, clean the bathroom. Keep your cleaning products in the bathroom in a cupboard or a drawer.  If this isn't an option, then purchase a Bathroom Cleaning Tidy Storage Box. These are great and fit neatly against a wall without taking up cupboard space that you have all your beauty essentials in. This keeps your bathroom fresh for yourself and guests and means the job is done without even thinking about it.

Tip No. 8

Daily Chores

When you come downstairs for your morning tea, bring any cups down with you and one bag of laundry.

Do one laundry load a day and put on first thing so that it is dried and put away before end of play.

Wash up breakfast stuff straight away, or load in your dishwasher

Wipe down kitchen surfaces throughout the day

Ensure the dishwasher goes on at night and empty first thing in the morning

Hoover at the end of the day so you have a nice clean room to relax in. Hoovering is a game changer and visually makes everything seem better.  This will also make the start of the next day lovely too.

Clean and Tidy Bedroom

Tip No. 9

Twice or Thrice Weekly Chores

Washing laminate / wooden floors. Top tip is to use Zoflora, it really does make the job more enjoyable as the smell afterwards is divine. and it is a disenfectant leaving your home perfectly clean and smelling fresh.

Dust those blinds, surfaces and skirting boards. I recommend you do the skirting boards when you are washing the floors if you have wooden / laminate flooring.

Tip. No 10

Try to keep on top of things so if you notice crumbs in the fridge, grab a cloth and sweep them away so you don't end up having old crumbs festering away in the fridge, cupboards or utensil drawers.

If you see marks or drips on kitchen cupboards, grab a cloth and wipe away immediately.

So those are my top tips to keep a clean and tidy home as easily as possible.  I hope you enjoyed and also hope that it helps you keep your home beautiful.

Much love


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