Clear up Your Acne with Either of These Two Successful Techniques

How to clear up acne quickly using one of the two successful techniques I have trialed. Acne can be a stubborn very visible issue. It can knock your confidence, make you feel you need to hide away and just be completely infuriating and upsetting as one minute you think it may be clearing, to then wake up with another sore spot brewing under the surface of your skin.

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I have always been obsessed with having perfect skin and I think that comes from someone that hasn't got it. If you have it, you more than likely take it for granted. Having struggled with blotchiness when I was younger and a seriously bad bout of acne 10 years ago and for it to have reappeared as I'm nearing my 40th birthday I feel like I know quite a lot about the subject. Looking at me you may think she doesn't know what she is talking about as the acne isn't on my face. I have struggled with this issue on my back.

I have discovered it is linked to hormones however that doesn't make it any easier to figure out how to fix it. The acne I had 10 years ago had lingered angrily on my back for over a year, it never completely cleared up as I tried numerous ways to try to banish the spots. Always ready to try the next new thing I'd read on the internet, pills, lotions, harsh products and even eating superfoods, In actual fact I went so over the top with eating superfoods that I now believe that is what made it worse.  I would have a zillion different types of nuts and fruits and in actual fact, nuts are very difficult to digest and even now when I eat too many nuts my skin flares up.  In the end a friend recommended a dermatologist that was more affordable and had helped her skin. This friend of mine had the most beautiful skin and I thought she couldn't possibly have had acne, however after talking to a friend about possibly trying this pot of pills I'd read about online that promised to fix acne, she convinced me to not buy the pot of pills and visit this dermatologist.

I can tell you I'm extremely relieved I did. This dermatologist never promised to fix the issue, he advised I cannot promise, but if you do exactly as I suggest we have a good chance of sorting your acne. He also said that it was the worst active acne he'd seen in 10 years and this was coming from someone that deals with skin daily so I was a little taken aback. You kind of get used to what is on your skin.

My dermatologist advised the following

A long course of antibiotics
This would kill the bacteria that was under my skin

To go on the pill
This would control the excess amount of sebum my body was producing

Dermarenew (similar to dermabrasion)
This would take off the dead skin cells which was trapping the excess sebum and then the sebum would mix with any bacteria and cause the swollen red spots. So by removing the dead skin cells this allowed the sebum to escape.

This puts just enough heat under the skin to kill off the bacteria under the skin without burning you.

So I was literally attacking the acne at all angles making it impossible for it to thrive on my skin. I went back regularly to see my skin doctor, and at the beginning the visits were close together, every two weeks I would say. This completely cured my acne. I had derma renew on my face and decolletage too which not only eliminated the acne but also helps with skin cell turnover to keep my skin lovely and young. I continued to have treatments every 3 months or so which has kept my acne at bay.

I would say I have now not been to see my dermatologist for at least a year and the acne has crept back unfortunately. I now see a homeopathist and she suggested going down a more natural route. Out of interest and in the name of my blog I thought I would give it a try.

So hear are the pictures of how my skin was when I spoke to my homeopathist about it all.

Acne on left shoulder before diet and homeopathy

Acne on back before diet and homeopathy

Acne on right shoulder before diet and homeopathy

My homeopathist asked me for a food diary for the past three days. Although I told her I was eating well, which I thought I was.... ie ensuring that at every meal I had a form of slow burn carbs, plenty of vegetables or fruit but mainly vegetables and a small piece of protein., I wasn't eating quite as well as I thought....  I also mentioned I would have an afternoon sweet treat and again in the evening which happened to be a piece of cake with lashings of butter icing. To which she was quite shocked and said that butter and sugar mixed together are the worst combination and would be playing havoc with my hormones. Anyway sadly I cut out my lovely cake with butter icing and low and behold my skin immediately calmed and started to clear. I had been having this afternoon and evening treat very regularly and it was obviously taking its toll.

My homeopathist also sent me some remedies to take which also will have aided this case of acne, however I did ask her is it the remedies or is it the food and she answered with the food has a lot to do with it. She said if you can ensure you eat plenty of vegetables this will also go along way to helping the situation.

The above pictures were taken at the start of April and it is now 9th May and this is where I am at now.

Cleared acne left shoulder after diet and homeopathy

Cleared acne back after diet and homeopathy

Cleared acne right shoulder after diet and homeopathy

Now my skin still isn't perfect however I know that my skin would never have calmed on its own as I have gone through this before. 

When people say food doesn't affect your skin, I guess it doesn't directly however my homeopathist advised that by eating less sugar my hormones will be more balanced. I can see the results, my skin has cleared, my moods are calmer and crazy hot sweats at night that I was experiencing have also magically disappeared. It has been enough to keep me away from too much sugar in hope that my skin will clear and it certainly is heading that way.

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I really hope this post helps at least one person if they are struggling with their skin.

Much love



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