How Do I get Jennifer Anniston Hair?

 How do I get 'Jennifer Anniston Hair'?  

Is this not the question we all want the answer to?  Well I am going to tell you! Ever since I started watching Friends back in the 90's I have always wished for that swinging, swishing, silky hair that  IS Jennifer Aniston.  It is in incredible condition and when she moves her head it seems to fall perfectly  back into place.  It never looks heavy but at the same time it doesn't look like she has particularly fine or thin hair. Always shining, despite the fact Jen An highlights her hair which we all know dulls down the shine and makes hair look dry and brittle.  I have tried numerous shampoos and conditioners, serums, oils etc and they either leave my hair weighted down by the moisture or leaves a residue on my skin that results in acne!  I think that is due to the sillicons.  

The Brand That Gives you Jennifer Aniston Hair

So I stumbled upon this BRAND when a friend of mine started selling it on facebook, I didn't really think it would be much different, however as I was still hunting for the right shampoo and conditioner to revive my highlighted straw like hair I thought I would give it a go.  Now I do not say this lightly, this Shampoo and Conditioner has seriously and miraculously changed my hair from a 'straw hat' to a silky, weightless, conditioned mane!  You'll notice it instantly from the first use, however with continued use your hair will just improve in its condition.  My hair is no longer brittle and dry or straw like.  It feels silky and falls nicely back into place when I swish my head! 

Personal Review

Check out this video on my Facebook group when I was chatting about what its done for my hair.  I made this post back in February 22 and I'm still using these products which is a review in itself!

Check out my video review on facebook 

In the above video was when I very first started using this brand.  The photo below is today after using the brand for nearly a year.  683427723

My Results

I feel like my hair truly has been transformed! Not only does this brand of haircare make your hair swingy, swishy and shiny, but it also encourages growth and regrowth.  I definitely need to get my hair trimmed more regularly when I'm trying to rock the trendy bob!  I have found I have regrowth around my hairline and the hair that frames my face is now stronger and less likely to break from a little styling.

The Impressive Ingredients and What they do

Here I'm going to list impressive ingredients, one being 

Soy Isoflavones: Soy Isoflavones are high in hair growth promoting protein and amino acids.

Keratin: A well known ingredient in hair care that gives hair its structure.  

Marine Collagen Another ingredient that this brand uses in its skincare. This is root supporting in the haircare.

Not only does this brand use beautiful hair worthy ingredients but it also excludes sulphates which are drying and damaging to our hair.  Sulphates can strip the natural oils and cause scalp irritation, colour loss and hair follicle corrosion.

Do you struggle with hair loss or thinning?

If you are struggling with thinning hair this is also a great range to turn to, down to its ability to inhibit the hormone DHT which is the main cause of hair loss.  I definitely found I had new hair growth around my hairline when I first started using it which was confirmed by my hairdresser.

Why would you give this range a go above all others

All in all I whole heartedly recommend  this brand of haircare and if you have dry, damaged hair or just feel like your hair needs to be revamped, or could be in better condition 100% give it a try. If  you click on the link below you can sign up as a VIP which will get you 10% off of your first order each month.  There are many other benefits of becoming a VIP.  Check it all out on this link and be sure to sign up as a VIP to get your 10% off your first order of every month:  Urban Retreat VIP Referral 

If you purchase using the above link I will receive a small commission, so if you do a big thank you for supporting me and hopefully you will be thanking me for your shiny, silky locks!

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