3 Products That Will Brighten up a Tired Complexion

How to brighten up a tired and dull complexion. Well here are 3 products that you probably already own that will brighten your complexion and take you from a dull tired complexion to a fresher and brighter you. Sometimes it is finding a new way to apply products to achieve the desired result.

Image of a face with makeup to brighten a dull complexion

Product No. 1

A light foundation

Firstly you need your complexion to be even toned, and I don't mean you to camouflage your entire face in a thick layer of foundation to do this. I would recommend using a light base just to even out the skin tone quickly and then conceal where you need to.

I am using The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation on this occasion, which I am loving more and more each time I use it. It goes on light as air and feels cooling and refreshing as it glides on. My skin looks healthy and fresh, not too shiny nor matte, and feels comfortable all day.

I do think that how you apply foundations are key. Now some people say to me 'I can't be bothered with foundation every day'. However if you use a light formula that offers light to medium coverage, you may find it less effort to swish over your face than to be faffing around with a concealer in certain areas and not actually getting the desired result.

With most foundations I find it best to apply using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This gives a beautiful light even coverage and takes seconds to apply. Then all you need do is add concealer where you need it.

Product No. 2

An under eye brightening concealer

So ideally this concealer would be a shade lighter than your foundation and a good shade to conceal dark shadows. The one I have used here is the The Body Shop Lightening Touch which looks a touch too orange initially, but when you apply it to dark shadows it counteracts them beautifully and brightens the area. Very pleasing I feel.

I would use an under eye brightening concealer in 3 areas.

Under your eyes and on your eyelids which will freshen up your look in seconds.

Around your nose and sometimes on your cheeks close to your nose. This brightens the shadows around your nose and opens up your face.

On the base / tip of your chin to enhance the curve of your chin giving you a more youthful appearance

Product No. 3


I go through phases where I love blusher and others when not so much. I currently love it. For lifting a dull and tired complexion this is key. Apply on the outer apples of your cheeks and try not to apply the colour lower than your nose or too close to your nose. See my video. You want to open up your face and you can do this by applying blusher in this way.

Take your blusher and dust lightly across the bridge of your nose and then lightly dust the same shade in the contour of your eyes. I find this is the perfect antidote when you are a tad tired. I find by applying a pinky / peach shade to your eyes it can really make the colour of your eyes pop and make the whites look whiter too.

Just look at how this blusher brightens my complexion in my video, this makeup routine will take your from drab to fab using these quick and easy techniques.

I hope these tips help you brighten up your complexion this winter

Much love


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