Perfect Glowing Valentines Makeup

Get your most glowing valentine make up look yet with the prettiest skin, smoldering yet subtle eyes and a stunning red lip to suit you perfectly.

Valentines Makeup Look

Getting the balance right for a full made up look without looking like you have tried too hard can be tricky, however I think it is all about making your skin look natural that avoids a 'tried too hard' effect.

Take time to prep your skin. Start by exfoliating off all the dead skin cells so you have baby fresh smooth skin to start with. Hydrate your newly revealed fresh skin by using a hydrating mask to plump up your skin. Enjoy the ritual of getting ready for your valentine. When following your skin care regime, give yourself a facial massage when applying your moisturizer to help bring the blood to the surface of your skin. The blood will deliver nutrients to the top layers of your skin so that you look beautifully radiant.

Ensure your skin is as hydrated as possible so that when you apply your foundation your skin will glow through the foundation. This will help achieve a beautiful natural yet polished look.

With this particular look its all about finding the right red lip to suit your skin tone. A lot of people steer clear of a strong red lip (myself normally included), and I think this is due to if you just try to apply any old red you are quite likely to get it wrong and just think a red lip just does not suit me. So I have detailed out some guidelines below:

If you have a cooler toned complexion you will find the cooler toned reds will work with your complexion. Opt for a bright red with a cool tone and you will look like you are made to wear a red lip.

A great cooler toned bronzer for cooler skin tones is Hoola by Benefit.

Greys and cooler toned browns will work well on your eyes for this look and a subtle dusky cool pink blush that blends into your complexion would just complete the look.

If you are more of an olive skin tone, a dark burgundy warmish red would work beautifully and compliment your warmer skin tone.

A warm but darker bronzer to warm up your complexion and a rustic blush and dark browns would be great options for more olive skin tones.

With a fair complexion with warmer tones, you would want to opt for a spring like palette. Opt for a bright red with a slight hint of orange. The one I use in my video is by Rimmel and is called 'In Love with Ginger'

I would adapt this whole makeup look to suit your skin tone. So really take note of if you are warmer or cooler toned and adapt your bronzer, blusher and lip shades to compliment your skin tone.

Check out my video for all the details for the prettiest glowing skin with a hint of of bronzer and blush, softly defined eyes and the perfect red lip. I hope you find the perfect red lip for your Valentines evening and have the most wonderful night with your man, your friends or a fabulous night in looking beautiful just for you.

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