Ultimate Guide to Perfect Skin

This really is the Ultimate Guide to Perfect Skin. In this article I am going to detail out all the things you need to be doing to get your skin back in tip top condition. So if you are struggling with your skin at the moment you have landed on the right page.

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I think so often we are busy in our everyday lives, our poor skin can gets so neglected. Even if we are focused on it, nothing seems to improve it as we try product after product to either eradicate a breakout, calm a raging skin or soften and plump up lines and wrinkles. 

So often we hop from range to range or just get stuck in a routine we liked 10 years ago.  Sometimes our skin needs a reboot of a new kinder skin care range but also a new lifestyle routine.

I would suggest slowing down before you rush out to buy the next product and take a look at your lifestyle and what it could be doing to your skin.

Firstly are you getting enough sleep.  Restorative sleep is so crucial for both our mental well being and physical health.  Generally a day after a bad nights sleep is so much harder, you would probably find you are shorter tempered, impatient and on edge leading to a stressful day.  Long term stress can have such a negative impact on your physical health and this will also show its signs on your skin.  In fact when you skin is having a hard time it is your body trying to tell you there is an imbalance going on within. Ensuring you are getting enough sleep will 100% help with any stress you have to manage in your day to day life and will minimize your reactions to stressful situations.  Be like my dog and make sure you get some rest and a bit of 'me time'

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Making sure you have half an hour in your day to yourself. You must have time to relax and slow down, turning off your phone and gadgets is imperative.  We are swamped by information overload, messages from friends, whats app groups, emails, work, Facebook.  We are constantly exposed to so much information, making our minds so busy all the time.  A good way to switch off and calm your mind is just 10 minutes of mediation a day. By taking some time in the day (this must be every day), for yourself, your body will thank you for it, and you will feel more relaxed and balanced.  Your skin is a mirror of what is going on inside so if you feel calm inside your skin will follow suit.

You are what you drink and eat. At least be drinking 2 litres of water a day and if you can drink the water at room temperature it is going to save your body the effort of heating it up so it can make use of the water straight away without you using up your energy to heat the water up inside of you.  This will keep your body functioning as it should, you will not be dehydrated, you won't wake in the night desperate for a drink, giving you that restorative sleep that you need.  However do be drinking the majority of water in the earlier part of the day otherwise you might be disturbed at night for other reasons!

Food is also so important and I think the saying you are what you eat is true.  There are so many vitamins in food that can feed and support our skin.  The majority of skin care products are only able to reach the epidermis.  What we also need to be looking after is our dermis and hypo dermis.  We can get vitamins to these deeper layers of our skin from what we consume.

Salad and berries, food rich in vitamins

One of the most important vitamins that help the formation of collagen is Vitamin C.  We want masses of collagen formation as it is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bouncy skin.  Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which will help your body fight off skin damaging free radicals.

Food rich in Vitamin C

Leafy Greens

Pair this with Vitaimin E the antioxidant effect is said to be even stronger.

Food rich in Vitamin E

Sunflower Seeds
Green Leafy Vegetables
Atlantic Salmon

Retinol stimulates the production of new skin cells and one of the best ways to get retinol in your system is to consume it in the way of eating fruit and veg containing Vitamin A, known as beta-carotene and carotenoids. This also helps protect your skin cells from sun damage

Food rich in Vitamin A

Sweet Potato

These are just some examples of the food that contain these vitamins.  Try and included these fruit, vegetables and fish each day to help support and renew your precious skin.

My other top tip is to stick to one skincare range.  If you use several different products regularly this could end up making your skin stressed rather than calm and radiant.  Find a range that you like, so you can stick to it for a while.  I know this can be easier said than done when struggling with your skin.

Sometimes when our skin is suffering and we are doing everything right, it can be a hormonal imbalance.  It can be so frustrating and upsetting.  Homeopathy is one step you can take to getting yourself back in balance in the most natural way.

Another option is to see a skincare specialist.  If you do have an ongoing situation with your skin and need some help please do message me as I have recommendations for a skincare specialist that could help get your skin back to its beautiful natural condition. Sometimes you need that extra help to get back on track, be it dermabrasion, laser or medical intervention.  Then when you have got to the root of the issue you can ensure you are doing all of the above to keep your skin in its most beautiful condition.

Much love

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