The Best Luxury Bath and Body Products

If you fancy trying something unique and one of the best luxury bath and body products I've tried in a long time be heading to the Laura Mercier Counter.

Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut Milk Bath and Body Products

She has a beautiful range of bath and body product,s which once I tried I had to do a review on and share with you all as you all must be trying this.  If you like something a little different, subtle yet stunning.  Delicate but noticeable, delicious but not overly sweet, then this could be the range for you.

I dived into the Body Cream initially as I couldn't wait to shower to try all the products in my set.  The packaging is so luxurious and you feel yourself unwinding as you unscrew the lid!  The smell is like the most delicate frangipani, almondy delicious fragrance you could ever come across.  Yet, and I must say appropriate for putting on your skin.  Some body products smell amazing but maybe not something I may want to smell like myself!  

After I had tried the cream and felt the luxurious texture and smelt the gorgeous fragrance I was enticed to try the whole range.  Luckily I had been bought the set for Christmas which had the Shower Cream, Cream Bath, Body Cream and Eau de Toilette.

The shower cream is so lovely and light and froths up a treat with a bath lily.  It leaves your skin silky soft with a gorgeous light scent.  The body cream literally melts into your skin and feels gorgeously hydrating.  It really does feel like you're spoiling yourself when using these products.

The cream bath comes with a wooden honey dipper which you dip into the treacle like mixture and when you mix it into the water it just turns the water to a bubbly delight of almond and coconut. 

Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut Milk Cream Bath and Body Cream

Then to layer the product a little more to ensure you stay glowing with an almond and coconut aura all day just spritz on the Almond and Coconut Eau de Toilette.  This is so unique.  It smells of sweet almonds yet manages to smell so fresh at the same time.  It is light and delicate and just something so different. 

Watch my video to see this stunning range of bath and body products.

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