5 Ways to Freshen up Your Makeup for Spring

Freshen up your Makeup for Spring with these 5 tips. I love spring, the whisper of all good things to come the daffodils and tulips are popping up, the sun is warming up the cooler days and the layers of clothes are peeling off. I always feel everything must be freshened up including my makeup. The brighter days call for a more natural finish, a brighter palette to bring life to your complexion and maybe a touch of dewiness to show off that sumptuous gorgeous skin.

Eyeshadow Palette with a reflection of a girls face in the mirror

Spring Makeup Tip No. 1

The first thing you want to do is rethink your base. If you have been using a heavier matte foundation I would recommend considering something lighter, something that is going to hydrate your skin so that you have a touch of dewyness to your skin. Dewy and fresh just like Spring, be like the season! I know I go on about it but my absolute favourite foundation of the moment is still
The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation and I use this in the shade Sahara Light. This Foundation! Honestly and I am so fussy, but it just gives a veil of coverage which you can build upon. It looks like my SKIN, it stays on, and I look fresh, not too dewy but neither too matte. It is just everything.

Apply with the lightest touch and conceal in areas where you feel you need more coverage so your skin looks like skin and not makeup. You are likely to be out in the daylight so much more, so you need your skin to look natural and skin like. Daylight can really show up heavier bases. I also think this time of year you just want to feel like you have less on your skin, lighter and fresher and just radiant.

Spring Makeup Tip No.2

Conceal and brighten. Add a brightness to your skin with your concealer. Ideally you need two concealers for this. I love the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser. I know it is mean't to be for under your eyes but I find it perfect for concealing redness and blemishes. I prefer something lighter and more hydrating for the under eye area.
For under the eye I like to use something lighter that won't sit in my lines and look obvious and chalky in the daylight. This product needs to counteract the darkness of the shadows, brighten, conceal and hydrate and blur. Not asking too much really... A super tip is to start in the corner next to your nose and eye and blend down to the crease by your nose (this area nearly always needs concealing and brightening. Quite often it is dark and can have redness. You then want to blend out in a triangular shape blending back up towards the eye. Watch this technique in my YouTube Video Freshen up Your Makeup for Spring and do subscribe for more super natural makeup tips and lifestyle inspiration. The product I am using at the moment for this huge task, which hydrates my undereye area with Marula Oil and counteracts the dark shadows with its orange hue and seems to brighten at the same time is The Body Shop Lightening Touch in 01.

Spring Makeup Tip No.3

Blush flush and blush some more. Bring your complexion back to life with a beautiful flush to your cheeks... like you've been out for a morning walk. I like to swirl just a touch of pink on my cheeks to give an overall wash of colour. I do not try and apply on the apples of my cheek or high up on my cheekbones at this stage. This is just to add the most natural hint of colour to my cheeks. I sometimes also dust on my forehead and bridge of my nose which just gives the healthiest of complexions. I love the Nip and Fab Shade Cocktail in this Blush Palette. It is the most perfect natural pink with no shimmer and just looks like I've been for a brisk morning spring walk.

Spring Makeup Tip No. 3

Then to intensify your blush I then like to take a cream blusher or even a lip crayon. I've used a lip crayon in my Freshen Up Your Makeup for Spring Video on my YouTube Channel Beauty Secrets and Essentials (please do have a watch and subscribe) as I love that it has a touch of gloss to it which just adds that beautiful dewyness exactly where you want it. I apply this to the apples of my cheek, just a tiny dab and it just brings the blush to life, intensifies it and as Charlotte Tilbury says it looks like you are glowing from the epicenter. I use my fingers with this cream blusher and I find the heat from my fingers just effortlessly melts the product into my skin and I also have perfect control over where I am applying it.

Spring Makeup Tip No. 4

Add a touch of dewiness, brightness and highlighted loveliness to those cheekbones and temples. The highlighting product I am literally in love with currently is The Body Shop Drops of Glow. This product adds the most dewy natural clean highlight. It is not pink, bronze or peach. It literally adds dew to your skin. I was applying this with my fingers, yet as it really is such a subtle highlight, I have actually started using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This gives such a beautiful sheen to those cheekbones and blends it effortlessly for dewy sumptuous, lush looking spring skin.

Spring Makeup Tip No.5

Last but not least, a little brightness to your lips maybe... The perfect lip colour can really make your eyes pop and bring your whole complexion to life. I do love a neutral lip but recently I have found a colour that quite works for me. I still tone it down a touch and think this is a great look for spring. The Ambre Lip.

Start with just accentuating your cupids bow with a natural lipliner. A perfect lipliner for this is the Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob. It is the most perfect natural lip colour ever and I use it every day. Then take a nude lip crayon for an all over lip base colour. Your last step is to take your brighter lip colour of your choice and just smudge into the centre of your lower lip and the peaks of your upper lip. This just adds a pop of brightness and adds colour in a way that looks like you have just bitten into a juicy strawberry. And maybe just go and get a bowl of strawberries and enjoy,in the beautiful spring sunshine.

Spring makeup look

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