Trinny London Review and Makeover

Trinny London Makeover for me and review for you. Off I went to London for a fabulous girly day out, shopping, lunch, cakes and finally a much anticipated makeover by Trinny London. I've been dying to try this new makeup brand that promises the most natural beautiful skin and a colour match system to make your eyes pop, your skin glow and compliment and flatter your complexion. I was much excited to try!

Trinny London Makeup Products Collage

Firstly the stand is stunning, a mirrored spinning layered stand filled with beautiful shining pots of jeweled and creamy coloured glosses, creamy concealers, blushes and cream eyeshadows. All designed to melt seamlessly into your skin for the most natural, glowing youthful look imaginable. 

The sales assistants all had very natural, yet polished makeup and were really welcoming to my sister and myself and were more than happy for us to film the makeover for my vlog.

Before the makeover began Mitzy my lovely Consultant went through the 'Match to Me'.  My skintone, eye and hair colour were put into the 'Match to Me' which you can do online. This then brought up my recommended shades for the base and several options for blush and eyeshadows

We started with the BFF which is like a correction cream with illuminating properties. This was applied to my skin like a moisturiser and it evened out my skin and toned down the redness beautifully. My skin looked really glowy and healthy after just this one product. Trinny London BFF
Saying that I did feel I needed extra help under the eyes and around my nose and cheeks.
The Undereye BFF is a serum / brightening concealer that contains vitamin C to brighten under the eyes. So instead of opting for a lighter shade for under the eyes I was advised to go for a perfect match. This product definitely brightened and concealed at the same time and didn't sit in my lines. I love that it is skincare as well as my under eye area can get quite dry as the day goes on.

We then concealed the redness with the creamy concealer / foundation. Well here is where I was amazed, who would have thought a creamy concealer / foundation in a pot would literally melt into your skin, and really and truly mimic your skin. My skin look so beautifully glowy, even toned and youthful, even under the bright lights of Fenwicks Department Store.

I then got to try the Lip to Cheek. Mitsy my consultant picked out a really bright looking shade called Pia from my Match to Me profile, this went on so beautifully sheer and complimented my skin tone . My eyes look brighter, more turquoise and more sparkly. This blusher literally brought my complexion back to life.

Lip to Cheek in Pia

This Lip to Cheek creamy dewy miracle was also dabbed and patted onto my lips for a wash of colour which we then followed up with the Glossy Lip Glow 'Cordy'  If I wanted to tone this down I would possibly opt for Maddie...

We also added a bronzer for warmth on just my outer face where my cheekbones curved upwards and rubbed in circular motions on my forehead along my hairline for added natural warmth to my complexion.  I love that all the products are cream for that dewy, hydrated natural look.

My eye lids that are usually quite red and veiny were evened out with 'Justice' and then a beautiful silvery, mushroomy shade 'Mystery' was patted onto my eye lid.  

I literally felt like this makeup brought me back to life.  It is so wearable for every day and certainly for the warmer lighter days coming up I am looking for makeup that looks natural and as if it is my skin.  Bright sunny days show up obvious makeup and can look so unnatural.  This made me feel utterly glowful, eventoned and the colours that were picked for me from my Match to Me profile just made my complexion look lit up from within.  

I absolutely would recommend a visit and a makeover at Trinny London.  If you want to look glowy, fresh and just find your perfect colours to light up your face, a Trinny London visit is an absolute must. I would honestly say its the best makeover I've ever had on a makeup counter.

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A big thank you to Mitzy my consultant, you've got me sold

Much love

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