Spring Clean Your Home and Clear Your Mind

Spring clean your home and clear your mind not just your clutter. What a wonder a bit of cleaning can do to calm and clear your mind. Is it really possible to find peace through cleaning your home? Here I will tell you my thoughts and how a touch of cleaning transforms my mood. So here is the window to my home and I'm inviting you in.

White wicker heart with a view to a garden

Each week I do spring clean my home, now I'm not talking about clearing out cupboards every week, but I do remove everything from shelves to give them a good wipe down, out come the sofas and chairs and the flooring gets a wash down. I move my pretty storage boxes to hoover underneath. The blinds get wiped down, the cupboard under the stairs gets emptied so the floor can be washed.... you get the picture. I find this just keeps my house in order and every week I find I get a little bit better at cleaning, noticing new spots that I've missed and never cleaned! (yes shock horror, never cleaned!)

Now the big one clean once a week may not suit everyone, however I do prefer to do the one big clean, as if I do a little bit each day, number one, the job seems never ending, number two, I find myself thinking just as I'm about to sit down with a cup of tea that the floor needs hoovering or the blinds haven't been dusted etc etc and number 3, with cleaning a little each day you never get that amazing feeling of an immaculate house.

However saying that I do think you have to find a cleaning schedule that suits you. I am always tweaking when I do the big once a week clean and at the moment I'm trying to get back into my early morning routine.

When the house is untidy and not fresh and clean your mind subconsciously is blocking out the vision of the unopened post sat on the side and toys that are strewn across the floor. This is using up space in your mind, so on top of your job, to do list, news and all of the overwhelming social media that we are faced with day to day your mind is also trying to block out the unrulyness of your space around you. To see an extreme example of this watch an espisode of 'Consumed' on Netflix and you'll see what I mean.

So the actual cleaning, I don't find particularly therapeutic unfortunately. Its much more the feeling that comes when it is all done. That is what I do it for. However this is why I am trying to get into my new cleaning at 5am in the morning so that I can actually put on something on the TV and clean in peace whilst my husband and son are sleeping. I find if I can manage to get up to do this, cleaning alone is much easier, quicker and almost gives me a bit of me time as I can put my programes on the TV whilst making the home spotless.

My mind is 100% calmer and clearer as I sit down with a cup of tea once I have dusted, spritzed and wiped my way to a clean dreamy home. What would make the spring clean perfection would be if the cupboards were perfectly organised. I do try to keep them clean and clear by regularly clearing them out, but I do think storage is key and that is something I'm working on at present. Clean and organised cupboards also equals a clear mind. Let me be organising mine and I hope to come to you with wonderful organised cupboards inspiration very soon. But for now here is my lovely kitchen when all the clutter is put away, floors washed and the air febreezed. Bliss

White shaker style kitchen cleaned and clutter free

I do think I have a cleaning obsession that has arisen from my mum. We call her the professional. One time when I was trying to clean out a cupboard in my flat my dad told me to move aside and let the professional in. Indeed she is a professional at this cleaning lark. I find that when my mum comes round and even just wipes the surfaces it look superior to how I do it. Top tip coming up.... Mums top advice is to dry the surfaces for the perfect finish after wiping down.

Just look at my room when its all clean and fresh, shutters dusted down and carpets freshly hoovered, waking up in the morning in a lovely clean clutter free room is the nicest way to wake up and the best start to the day.
White painted bedroom with double windows with white shutters

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do check out my YouTube Video, Spring Clean Your Home and Clear Your Mind  of my before and after and get inspired to do your own regular spring clean too. To see more lifestyle inspiration do subscribe to my Channel Beauty Secrets and Essentials

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