Quick Guide to No Makeup Makeup

For a natural polished look here is your Quick Guide to No Makeup Makeup. As the weather is starting to get a little more spring like, I am wanting an even more natural look that is quick, easy and makes me look fresh, natural and polished.

Makeup for a No Makeup Look

For this look I am using the minimum number of products which is actually 7 which still seems quite a lot but feels very minimal when actually doing your makeup. As the days are feeling more spring like and I'm peeling off the layers of clothes I'm wearing, I feel the same way about my makeup. I want a fresh natural light base, with a spring like flush to my cheeks, natural pinky lips and wide awake eyes. Isn't this what everyone wants?

For my base I am not quite ready for my cc cream, I did try my favourite from last summer and I'm almost certain I will be going back to it come the summer months, however right now I still feel I need just a touch more coverage. This look is all about the skin so its imperative to get the base just right.

For a beautiful dewy base that looks like your skin, but even toned, and leaves you fresh faced, I would recommend mixing a highlighter (non shimmery) with your foundation. This not only makes the foundation a little shearer but also gives your skin a glow from within.

I used here The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation and The Body Shop Drops of Glow and mixed half of each together.

The Body Shop Foundation and Highlighter

Of course one needs some sort of brightening concealer under the eyes. This is another one of those products alongside foundation that I continue to hunt for 'the one'. I am currently using
The Body Shop Lightening Touch. I do enjoy this as it is a brightening apricot shade that helps to conceal dark shadows as it counteracts the darkness with apricot shade plus it has moisturising marula oil to keep skin hydrated. I am particularly tired at the moment and seem to have actual bags under my eyes which I think I probably need to do some sort of facial massage to help with this. I'm not sure any under eye product can help me too much currently! However I will continue the search. Actually a product that is helping is the Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask. This is fabulous and actually deserves a post all of its own.

I next applied The Body Shop Drops of Glow to the tops of my cheek bones, across the bridge of my nose and on my temples and cupids bow to get that ethereal look to the skin. This highlighter is such a beautiful product as it is non shimmery but still manages to highlight the skin in the most natural beautiful way. The colour is a creamy pinky skin colour without being too pink. It is the most perfect highlighter I've found in a while.

Instead of using my usual bronzer I used my blusher in a similar (not exactly) but similar way. Head over to my YouTube Channel Beauty Secrets and Essentials to see how I apply the blusher for the prettiest most ethereal skin.
Nip and Fab Blush Palette

I used this blusher to contour my eyes slightly too, I dusted it lightly on my cheeks in a big swirl rather than focusing on the apples or high cheek bones for a fresh faced look. I then used the blusher on my lips mixed with my Body Shop Shea Butter Lip Balm to give me lips a healthy sheen. By using just this one shade to add colour to my face, it gives such a natural effect and the pink just makes the skin look so pretty when lightly swirled over the cheeks and onto the forehead. I got this technique from Matt Goss, an amazing make up artist that I've been inspired by on YouTube.

Natural no makeup makeup look

I finished off my look by curling my eyelashes and applying a coat of mascara. For this look I did apply black but for an even more natural look I would apply brown.

This look is so quick and easy and is perfect for the spring months ahead, so try a lighter base, use a concealer where you need it and let your skin shine through.

Check out my video YouTube Beauty Secrets and Essentials for all the details and how to's and don't forget to give me a like and hit subscribe for more beauty and lifestyle inspiration.

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