Complete Guide to Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

A complete guide to a Spring Capsule wardrobe is the dream and an absolute necessity.

Girl with selection of spring clothes

I have had years of nothing to wear in the Spring.... buying only summer or winter clothes! Quite ridiculous really considering a lot of our summer is more spring like. Spring is a season we should definitely ensure we have a good capsule wardrobe for. To achieve a quality capsule wardrobe you need some good multi tasking basic items that can be taken from day to evening, resulting in several different outfits from just a few items.

Spring is such a beautiful season but one needs to be dressed correctly to really enjoy it. A white floaty long sleeved top can make you feel positively spring like, however you may need to team it with denim jacket or cardigan as you also don't want to spend the day chilly. I haven't included any skirts in my spring edit as I really don't think spring is warm enough for skirts or dresses and as we are looking at minimal items I have focused on what is essential for your spring wardrobe.

Read on to see what items you need to have a minimalist, yet stylish Spring

Trousers / Jeans

Boyfriend Fit Jeans

These work so well with fitted t-shirts, loose t-shirts. You can dress these up with some nice heels / ankle boots and jewellery or dress down with flip flops or pumps.

Skinny Jeans Mid blue or Black

Essential, so you can pair with looser longer over sized tops. Skinnies look smart for smart casual occasions when you cannot get away with boyfriend style jeans. They work for evening and day and can be worn with flip flops, heels or ankle boots

White Skinny Jeans

A lovely alternative that works really nicely with darker tops this time of year without feeling like you look a bit drab or are dressed for winter.

Spring outfit featuring white jeans

Lounge Joggers

Absolute necessity if you cannot relax at home in jeans

Wide Legged Trousers

A lovely alternative to jeans, also nicer for when the weather is warming up and you don't want to wear a heavy denim. These are so smart for a lovely lunch or evening and can be dressed up or down. You can pair with a long or short sleeved t-shirt and then dress them up with jewellery. Casual these down with some pumps and they transition beautifully through to the summer when you want to wear flip flops and a cami.

Combat Trousers

Another great swap for jeans and needless to say far more comfortable. These can also be worn with either heels, pumps or flip flops. I have paired these with a fitted rollneck to a vest top. Such a versatile item which will give you a variety of outfits


Tops, I always feel I can never have enough tops, especially white ones but I am learning to try and control myself and limit the amount I buy. Here is what I feel is absolutely necessary and will ensure you always have something to wear.

Spring tops

2 Casual White T-shirts

Good quality, a little loose. Hush and French Connection do really beautiful ones.

These you will be able to wear with every jean/ trouser mentioned above and you could dress this up or down. A little jewellery and a nice heel go a long way in converting a casual outfit to an evening one

1 White Blouse / Shirt

I really like a slightly oversized one. This works well with both skinny and boyfriend jeans. This could work well for a nice lunch or evening out.

1 White Floaty Long Sleeved Top

Choose one that makes you feel lovely and spring like. So nice with skinny or boyfriend jeans.

Stretchy Long Sleeved T-shirt in Black and White

These are great for the spring as you can wear them with literally anything and keep the chill off when it is not quite warm enough out for t-shirts. I love pairing these with boyfriend jeans or combats or wide legged trousers.

Striped Top

I love a good striped top, I feel it adds a bit of french chic to your wardrobe and goes so well with all the jeans one would have in their wardrobe.
  Spring outfit featuring a striped top

Slogan T-shirt

Always nice to have a casual slogan t-shirt in the wardrobe to funk up a pair of jeans or combats.

Outer wear


I cannot stress enough how important a cardigan is. Sometimes you might not have a light enough jacket that goes with your jeans / bottoms. You may also be inside somewhere that isn't quite warm enough but you wouldn't want to wear a stiff jacket. It also can finish an outfit off really nicely and just adds that bit of comfort.

Denim Jacket

Such a versatile item. Adds that extra layer of warmth when you need it, looks trendy, works well for day and night. A lovely casual option

Light Leather Jacket

Fab for a little extra warmth to keep the chill off of spring evenings, looks smart and trendy at the same time and goes beautifully with denim.

Long lined coat, almost like a coatigan but a little smarter.

I love this for smarter days out, lovely for the evening and so soft and comfortable to wear and offers soft snuggly warmness on a fresh spring day.

Warmer coat options for spring evenings

Fur Jacket

I guess this isn't a necessity, but a lovely luxury that takes the chill off of a cooler spring evening or day and adds a bit of glam and also snuggly comfort.


Flip flops

Perfect with anything, dresses, combats, wide legged trousers, skinny and boyfriend jeans. Do not be without a pair of flip flops

White plimpsoles / pumps

Again, a necessity. Perfect with everything and so practical.

Casual Spring outfit


An absolute must to take an outfit from day to night.

Smart casual spring outfit

Ankle boots

We all know our springs are not free from a little rainfall. Ankle boots cover this option when a summer shoe looks a little ridiculous.


Sunglasses, just uber cool and finish off an outfit and also very importantly protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from the sun.

A couple of necklaces. I like a short and long necklace to layer.

A nice bracelet works so well and feels so feminine and hopefully the spring weather will allow you to show off your arms and the perfect bracelet.

I hope by reading this you will find you have many of these items already living in your wardrobe for your perfect spring. Have a good look through and try mixing and matching some of your outfits before you head to the shops or ASOS as you probably have the perfect outfit at your fingertips.

For further inspiration watch my Complete Guide to a Spring Capsule Wardrobe to see how the above outfits worked out for me and don't forget to give me a like and hit subscribe.

Much love
Nicola x

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